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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” ~ W. Edwards Deming

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Random forest regression and classification

Random forest regression and classification using Python

As you all know that in today’s world of data explosion, machine learning plays a very crucial role to analyze such a huge amount of data. There are several machine learning algorithms which are making our lives easier to handle large database. Random forest algorithm is one of them and can be regarded as the ... Read more
Support Vector Regression using Python

Support Vector Regression using Python

Support vector regression (SVR) is a kind of supervised machine learning technique. Though this machine learning technique is mainly popular for classification problems and known as Support Vector Machine, it is well capable to perform regression analysis too. The main emphasis of this article will be to implement support vector regression using python. Selecting Python ... Read more
Multiple linear regression

Multiple Linear Regression with Python

Multiple linear regression(MLR) is also a kind of linear regression but unlike simple linear regression here we have more than one independent variables. Multiple linear regression is also known as multivariate regression. As in real-world situation, almost all dependent variables are explained by more than variables, so, MLR is the most prevalent regression method and ... Read more
Simple Linear Regression

Simple linear regression with Python

Simple linear regression is the most basic form of regression. It is the foundation of statistical or machine learning modelling technique. All advance techniques you may use in future will be based on the idea and concepts of linear regression. It is the most primary skill to explore your data and have the first look ... Read more
Getting started with Python for Machine Learning

Getting started with Python for Machine Learning: beginners guide

If you are reading this article, then you are a Machine Learning enthusiast without any doubt. You must have already gone through the theoretical basics of it and getting impatient to try hand in your first Machine Learning application. Python is the most popular programming language for machine learning. I would suggest that if you ... Read more
Unsupervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised Machine Learning: a detailed discussion

Unsupervised Machine Learning is a kind of Machine Learning where the algorithm identifies some hidden pattern in the data on its own. This type of Machine Learning is used when there is no labeled data available to train the algorithm.  Unlike Supervised Machine Learning here the input dataset is not tagged with some known answers. ... Read more
Supervised Machine Learning

Supervised Machine Learning: a beginner’s guide

The most common type of Machine Learning is Supervised Machine Learning. The nomenclature is due to the fact that the learning process being supervised by the result which is already known. The learning process goes through several iterations. The process continues until the difference between the actual and estimated result comes under an acceptable level.  ... Read more
Machine Learning

Machine Learning: Some lesser known facts

Machine Learning (ML) has become a buzz word in today’s world. Although we can have its references since the middle of the twentieth century it has gained its popularity during the last few years. Mainly because of its immense capability to explore a large amount of data without the need for any programming and hence ... Read more