About me

Dibyendu Deb

Hi, I am Dibyendu Deb, a small-town guy from West Bengal. The Data Science Hub is my personal blog where I share my ideas and new knowledge acquired in the field.

I am a data science enthusiast with a PhD in Agricultural Statistics. My specialized field of work is statistical modelling, remote sensing and obviously Machine Learning and Deep Learning

You can find my recent research works at my Google Scholar profile as well as Researchgate profile.

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word of today’s world. It is reshaping our world with new and path-breaking innovations. 

Its application has opened new dimensions in data science research mainly due to its tremendous capability to analyze a huge amount of data. 

In today’s era everywhere we experience data explosion. Be it social media, news, different service portals, online retail platforms etc.  Every service is data-driven and also generating data with newer parameters.

This vast amount of data has the potential to deliver information on different trend, human behaviour and based on this future prediction.

But analysing such a large amount of data is beyond the capability of the traditional analytical process.

Here comes the role of Machine Learning which can train itself from this huge amount of example data, learn about the hidden pattern in the data and make an accurate prediction based on that.

I have a great interest in this field, have done lots of research work of using machine learning in ecological modelling and still learning about it.

It is a newer and very dynamic field of research. Lots of experiments are going on to explore its potential.  

All these research are mostly in open source platforms. In today’s world knowledge is really open and any person interested to know anything he just needs an internet connection. It’s a great satisfaction to explore newer knowledge and share it with the world. I also share my experience and knowledge of data science in my blogs. 

Because sharing is caring 😉