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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” ~ W. Edwards Deming

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Embracing Creativity: The Key to Staying Ahead in the Age of Automation and AI

As the world becomes increasingly automated and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), many people fear that these technological advancements will take away their jobs. The truth is that automation and AI are already taking away some jobs, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. However, there is a way to stay ahead ... Read more

Discover Your True Calling: Unlocking a Satisfying and Joyful Life

Finding your calling in life is a challenge that many people face. We all want to find that one thing that we are passionate about, that we excel at, and that gives us a sense of purpose. However, it can be difficult to identify what that thing is, especially if we are surrounded by societal ... Read more

Using machine learning to predict stock prices

Machine learning has become a powerful tool for predicting stock prices, as it allows for the analysis of large amounts of data and can identify patterns that humans may not be able to discern. In this blog post, we’ll explore how machine learning is used to predict stock prices and some of the challenges that ... Read more

Career in data science

A career in data science has a lot to offer, from hands-on learning to the chance to contribute to real-world projects. A career in data science is a highly sought-after and rewarding field that is projected to continue growing in demand. As businesses and organizations increasingly rely on data to make decisions, the need for ... Read more

Machine learning for beginners

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that is changing the way we interact with technology. It is a method of teaching computers to learn from data, without explicitly programming them. This allows computers to identify patterns and make predictions, making it a powerful tool for solving complex problems. If you’re new to machine learning, ... Read more
Execute R script in Power BI

How to execute R script in Power BI? a comprehensive guide

In this article, I am going to discuss how we can use the analytical and visualization power of the R programming language within the Power BI. We can execute R script in Power BI to create data models, prepare reports, data cleaning, advanced data shaping and analytics, missing data computation, clustering, forecasting and many other ... Read more
Logical functions in Power BI

What are logical functions in Power BI, and how to use them?

The logical functions in Power BI are essential while writing DAX expressions. Logical functions help us in decision making to check if any condition is true or false. Once the data has been extracted through Power Query, these DAX expressions help us to fetch important information from the data. Here is an article explaining the ... Read more
“COUNT” function in Power BI

How to use the “COUNT” function in Power BI?

The COUNT() is an important function in writing the DAX formula in Power BI used. It is one of the time intelligence functions of DAX, which means it can manipulate data using time periods like days, weeks, months, quarters etc. and then use them in analytics. We apply DAX to slice and dice the data ... Read more
An overview of DAX in Power BI

An overview of DAX in Power BI

As the name suggests Data Analysis eXpressions or DAX in Power BI is nothing but collection of operators, functions and constants which we use in writing formula or expressions to return value/values. It is a native language for data analytics tools of Microsoft. DAX is also a highly versatile and functional language with the capacity ... Read more
An overview of Power Query in Power BI

An overview of Power Query in Power BI

Power Query in Power BI plays the role of a data connection technology. It does the data mashup i.e. connect, combine and refine data from many sources to meet the need of our data analysis. Power Query is available in Excel 2016 or later version of Excel. It can also be added in Excel 2010 ... Read more