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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” ~ W. Edwards Deming

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Python functions

Python functions for data science: a quick brush up

This article contains a brief discussion on python functions. In any programming language, be it Python, R, Scala or anything else, functions play a very important role. Data science projects require some repetitive tasks to perform every time to filter the raw data and while data preprocessing. In this case, functions are the best friend ... Read more
Your first machine learning project

How to create your first machine learning project: a comprehensive guide

This article is to help you to start with your first machine learning project. Machine learning projects are very important if you are serious about your career as a data scientist. You need to build your profile with a number of machine learning projects. These projects are evidence of your proficiency and skill in this ... Read more
D-tale data exploration tool

Data exploration is now super easy with D-tale

This article is to introduce you a really super easy data exploration tool from Python. You have to just install and import this simple module. It gets integrated with any python IDE you are using. And D-tale is ready with all its data exploration features and a very easy user interface. Data exploration is a ... Read more
Machine learning vs data science

Machine learning vs. data science: how they are different?

Machine learning and data science are two major key words of recent times almost all fields of science depend on. If data science is inevitable to explore the knowledge hidden in the data then machine learning is something bringing evolution through feature engineering. But the question is are they very different? In this article, these ... Read more
Comparing regression models

Comparing machine learning models for a regression problem

Comparing different machine learning models for a regression problem is necessary to find out which model is the most efficient and provide the most accurate result. There are many test criteria to compare the models. In this article, we will take a regression problem, fit different popular regression models and select the best one of ... Read more
Naive Bayes classifier application using python

Naive Bayes classifier application using python

The Naive Bayes classifier is very straight forward, easy and fast working machine learning technique. It is one of the most popular supervised machine learning techniques to classify data set with high dimensionality. In this article, you will get a thorough idea about how this algorithm works and also a step by step implementation with ... Read more
Comparing machine learning algorithms

Comparing the performance of different machine learning algorithms

Comparing Machine Learning Algorithms (MLAs) are important to come out with the best-suited algorithm for a particular problem. This post discusses comparing different machine learning algorithms and how we can do this using scikit-learn package of python. You will learn how to compare multiple MLAs at a time using more than one fit statistics provided ... Read more

Decision tree for classification and regression using Python

Decision tree classification is a popular supervised machine learning algorithm and frequently used to classify categorical data as well as regressing continuous data. In this article, we will learn how can we implement decision tree classification using Scikit-learn package of Python Decision tree classification helps to take vital decisions in banking and finance sectors like ... Read more
Artificial Neural Network

Artificial Neural Network with Python using Keras library

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) as its name suggests it mimics the neural network of our brain hence it is artificial. The human brain has a highly complicated network of nerve cells to carry the sensation to its designated section of the brain. The nerve cell or neurons form a network and transfer the sensation one ... Read more
Logistic regression

Logistic regression: classify with python

Logistic regression is a very common and popularly used supervised classification process. When we have categorical data in our hand to make some prediction we tend to apply logistic regression. Classification is a very popular prediction technique. Almost 70% of real-world prediction problems involve categorical variable and hence amenable to classification. Read about supervised machine ... Read more