What I am working on?

From this day I am starting this new category, where I will update more frequently about what I am working on or any significant thing I learnt recently.

Usually, I post one article weekly with some new application in data science or data analytics. Sometimes if the topic is lengthy or critical, it needs more time.

Often during a busy week where I got little time doing research on a new topic. In such a situation when I missed the Monday evening (usually I post my new blog every Monday evening) it feels very bad. It’s like failing to some commitment made to myself.

So I have decided to post more frequently. Not only on some final product but also to discuss the process, new things learned and mistakes made. Thus it will be like working in front of you sharing each days’ progress.

Sharing the failures are important

I have noticed that the learning process itself is worth sharing with my readers. Since I have started writing online, I used to write articles that solely focused on the topic and the targeted problem. It is a refined product carefully editing mistakes made by me while learning it.

I had the impression that discussing mistakes will be embarrassing. But now I realise that I should write about those mistakes too. In fact, these can be more helpful for those who are also going through the learning process.

Hence this new category “What I am working on?” under the parent category “Life lessons“. The technical article will continue as such and I will try to update you each Monday. But I will update you more frequently about my work and learning process.

Again the inspiration behind starting this more frequent update is “Show your work” by Austin Kleon. It’s really such a nice book. I would like to mention it in every post.

It truly mentioned that sharing your work more frequently is actually a process of getting more clear about your idea. And through frequent update about my progress, I can actually track my progress over time.

Recent work

So here a quick and brief update on my recent work. I am writing a detailed article on using Power BI for forecasting. Forecasting is an important tool that helps us to predict the future based on historical data.

I used to use R or Python for forecasting but recently got familiar with the forecasting tool provided with the Power BI desktop. So thought about applying on a time series data I have.

Soon there will be a post on this topic.

Except this, reading several books and listening audio versions as usual.