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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” ~ W. Edwards Deming

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Map visualization in Power BI

How to create a map visualization in Power BI with example

Map visualization in Power BI is a very useful feature to show location-wise values. In this article, I will demonstrate how to use this feature with a practical example. I have used maps a lot with ArcGIS to create boundary maps and display locations as supplementary information. It certainly requires expertise and considerable time. Being ... Read more
Measures in Power BI

How to use Measures in Power BI? a practical example

Measures in Power BI are really a beautiful feature. They are fast in the calculation, has the benefit of reusability. Measures can be applied to multiple tables. We create measures to obtain counts, averages, sums, ranking, percentiles, aggregating year to dates and many more handy calculations. Measures are dynamically calculated. And most importantly it gets ... Read more
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How to create data model relationships in Power BI

Data model relationships are the core of Power BI. The report preparation and visualization becomes very easy if data modelling is done well. So here in this article, we will discuss data modelling relationship with a simple example. A common misconception among Power BI users is that Power BI is all about visualization. But that ... Read more
An introduction to Power BI

An introduction to Power BI for data visualization

Microsoft’s Power BI is a very popular and most frequently used data visualization business intelligence tool. This is an introductory article on Power BI which will be followed by a series of practical problem-solving articles. So it will be “learning by doing”. Data exploration and visualization is the most basic yet very important step in ... Read more

How to do Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with python?

This article presents a thorough discussion on how to perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to extract meaningful insights from a data set. And to do this I am going to use Python programming language and its four very popular libraries for data handling. EDA is considered a basic and one of the most important steps ... Read more
Web scraping in data science

How to do web scraping in data science? a comprehensive guide

What is web scraping in data science? Web scraping, also known as web harvesting or screen scraping or web data extraction is a way of collecting a large amount of data from the internet. In data science, especially in machine learning, the accuracy of the model is largely dependent on the amount of data you ... Read more
Deploy machine learning models

Deploy machine learning models: things you should know

To deploy machine learning(ML) models means to take a machine learning model from development to production. You have built an ML model, validated and tested its performance. But what its use if it is not utilised to solve real-world problems? Deploying a model means making an ML model production-ready. Here in this blog, we will ... Read more
Python functions

Python functions for data science: a quick brush up

This article contains a brief discussion on python functions. In any programming language, be it Python, R, Scala or anything else, functions play a very important role. Data science projects require some repetitive tasks to perform every time to filter the raw data and while data preprocessing. In this case, functions are the best friend ... Read more
Your first machine learning project

How to create your first machine learning project: a comprehensive guide

This article is to help you to start with your first machine learning project. Machine learning projects are very important if you are serious about your career as a data scientist. You need to build your profile with a number of machine learning projects. These projects are evidence of your proficiency and skill in this ... Read more