The year of transformation 2020 and the pandemic

The year 2020 was very tough for me. The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, locked down in isolation something I will never forget in my life. I will also never forget that this testing time helped me to transform my way of thinking.

Life was going smooth up until the corona pandemic strikes hard the country. I was away from my home, at my place of posting, a small town called Jhansi of Indian state Uttar Pradesh.

Busy in my daily routine, I was not even following the update of the spread of the pandemic and all kinds of speculations around it. Our residential campus was almost insulated from the outside world and we used to live in our own micro-climate.

Of course, there was tension mounting in social media and news channels. But again, it was nothing new in 2020. In the recent past, news of some infectious disease during winter has been a routine in one or other part of India. So, we all were sure that this year also it will get vanished as the temperature rise.


It was around 20th March 2020. My family was away from me in my home town. There was news of lockdown speculating. I was planning to bring them. And then all of sudden the nation-wide lockdown announced.

It was like bolt from the blue for me. Locked inside my campus and has no clue when I will be able to meet my family. I was badly missing my 4 years old twins and worried about aged parents at home.

It was kind of a test for me. When you have no idea of the period of your confinement it seems more traumatic. The same happened to me. As the lockdown periods got extended my restlessness increased.

Writing, the source of positivity

I was looking for something to embrace to overcome this tough time, to calm me down. And guess what helped me? Yes… it was again writing.

I emerged myself even more into writing activities. It was then for the first time changed my blog’s topic. I thought it was best to start writing about my own field.

I have spent a lot of time in data analytics and data science in my career. Published a lot of research articles. But all of them in research journals. Which are so technical that they could not be fathomed by any non-technical person.

I always felt the need for articles that can explain these complex topics in easy language. So the demand and my passion, driven me to start writing on small applications and concepts of data science and analytics.

It was all about writing during the whole period of lockdown. And it made me realize the power of writing even more. As always a trying time teaches you the real values of assets you have.

Without it, I may have spent this valuable time being depressed and tense. Rather I have utilized it to the fullest and it is paying the dividend now. I have learned a lot of things since then in the urge of sharing them with my readers.

Experienced the ages old saying that you learn things better when you share them. Felt exited knowing that my little knowledge is also worth sharing.

The year 2020 and lockdown introduced me to my audience which otherwise perhaps remain unknown to me forever.

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