Reached typing speed 54 WPM !!!

This may sound completely ridiculous to the pro-typists writing more than 100 words per minute or more. But believe me, I achieved this with more than one year of struggle. Yes, I am a slow learner. So I consider it as a success and let me celebrate it 🙂

Here is an article on “Why you should start writing on the internet” which I strongly suggest for reading. Here I have explained why I started my blog and you should too.

Typing speed was one of the main hurdles when I started blogging almost one and a half year back. It took hours to type only a few pages. Could not type without seeing the keyboard and used my two fingers only.

Slow typing was not allowing me to complete my target set for each day. It was frustrating. Consequently, to fix the problem I started to find shortcuts. Tried Google “Speech to text” feature for several days.

The first time I came to know about this feature in Google docs, I was really excited and thought it will make my writing easier. But very soon I found that my English accent is horrible and Google fails to understand almost 80% of the words I pronounce.

Realized that short cuts would not work and I need to learn touch typing if I want to continue with my blogging. I have given it a try earlier also. But it needs a lot of practice and patience in the start. So, on every occasion, the lazy me win over and stopped me from continuing the learning.

But this time situation was different and I was determined. I started learning touch typing in March 2021. I followed several blogs and youtube videos to know the basics of touch typing. But finally, it was all about practice, a lot of practice.

This was the time when Corona just started to gain momentum in India. The Corona terror, lockdown for several weeks were like blessings in disguise for me. I got ample time to practice my new typing skill and improve it. Also, focus on my writing skills.

Today, after exactly one year, my writing speed stands around 54 words per minute. Which is not that bad for an amateur. Below is the screenshot of typing speed test from

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