Why should you grow a habit of taking notes?

Taking notes can enhance your productivity manifold. Random thoughts and ideas come to our mind during our leisure time. When our mind is stress-free. These are very unique and reflects one’s very own creativity.

If we don’t note them down fresh, they get dumped. So, we need to note them down right then and there. It can act as our extended brain as our brain has limited capacity and makes space for new things deleting the old ones.

Notes thus collected regularly on different experiences of our life works as a resource when you actually in a mood of writing. In my article “Why should you start writing on the internet” I have mentioned how writing can improve our life. Taking notes is also an integral part of this whole writing process.

I recently listened to a youtube video of David Perell where he has explained its importance in his unique style. It was really a nice presentation and moved me so much. No doubt he is a productivity Guru.

Take notes like Kendrick

In this video, he explained the importance of taking notes and how it can help your thought process while writing. He gave the example of famous American rapper Kendrick Lamar.

He is just 33 years old and has won the Grammy Award for the best rap album. He is regarded as the most influential artist of his generation. Kendrick developed the habit of taking notes of everything he observed, memorable lines as well as his opinion since he was 7 years old.

In the later part of his life, this habit helped him a lot in composing his iconic songs. Creative writings are not some struggle done sitting continuously for hours.

Creative ideas come spontaneously in our mind. You can not force it or time it to write them down as you wish.

We can capture our idea by taking notes on paper, computer, capture video or audio, any form you wish. We are in the age where we are carrying a multimedia studio in our pocket i.e. our smartphone. You just need to use them appropriately.

If you are not able to generate idea instantly, just note down a vivid description of any event. It may help you get content ideas later and you can pick useful pieces.

Use Twitter to improve your writing

I have recently opened my Twitter account. Although I have my Facebook page too, I rarely use it. The only active social networking platform I use is Twitter. It is the most preferred hunting ground for writers.

Why Twitter?

Here I can have honest review/feedback on your twit. I try regularly to post updates on my content and help a lot to improve my writing.

It matters most whom you are following, otherwise, you will be brainwashed with irrelevant content only. I carefully select people with the same interest and follow their twits to curate mine.

As learned people say “want to be a good writer? Read the great writers”. Try to write engaging twits which is either useful or entertaining for the readers.

Regarding composing twits again David Perell has some suggestions, which I would also like to follow:

  • Write compressed twits. Your idea should be accommodated within a twit length.
  • Clarity and simplicity are important. Twit is different from books, your readers will skip it while browsing if it is not easy to understand.
  • Clickable content (hashtags) should not be more than one. And that one also if very essential
  • There should be some clear message. Be aware not to self promote rather invent yourself through it.

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