Create your own website: the best way to show your work

Personal website to show your work

If you are working on your goal, the best option to share your progress is to create your own website. Create a website on that topic, post regular updates on what you are doing. It will help you to track your growth and to get good advice from people with similar interest.

We all have goals in our life and want to work on them. It needs extra work and time to spare in addition to your full-time job. And you need to do this consistently.

I was always eager to do some practical use of my data analytics and data science knowledge. The only way to know the worth of my knowledge is to share them and get feedback.

There is a saying that “if you want to know how useful the knowledge you have, the best way is to try to do business with it.” I did not mean business, my purpose was just to check if I have something useful to share here on this website.

Why a website?

In this regard creating a website is very helpful. The page views, subscriptions and comments on your posts are indicators of your growth.

These indicators will give you a good idea if your work is loved by people. The regular updates, reader counts will give you the feeling that you are progressing, not stagnant and you are not alone here.

Take my own example. For the first few months, I did not have any pageviews. It was frustrating. I tried to provide articles with good content and kept my fingers crossed that situation will change.

The lean phase

The initial days of any new venture are always tough. We are motivated and start with lots of enthusiasm. As days pass, it becomes difficult to continue the momentum. The motivation starts to fade out. Daily life routine and several other liabilities gradually take us away from the goal.

During these initial days, we do not have any sign of growth. No one knows about our work, have no visibility, no one to appreciate. It is like performing in an empty auditorium. Like opening a new shop without any customer.

So, naturally, how can you keep your momentum? How long the initial motivation keeps you going? Not very long. We need some positive signal to let us know that we are going in the right direction.

The page views started to increase gradually. And it was enough to encourage me to put more effort into my blog. I increased my frequency to post articles and the result was evident from even more pageviews and positive comments from my audience.

It was like I am directly interacting with my readers and they are guiding me towards my goal. I still regret I have wasted too much time. I should have created it long before.

The website is kind of your logbook. The effort you put in every day is being recorded here and nothing gets unaccounted for. Day by day, brick by brick you are building your dream here.

All the bits and pieces which may appear insignificant right now can have big cumulative effect. And help you grab big opportunities in future.

If you are still reading this, I hope have convinced you to create your own website. So lets talk about how to create one. You can get many good videos and literatures online with step by step guide. I will rather share my experience here and tell you how I did it without any prior experience.