Blogging takes time & that’s why I love it !!!

Blogging is not something that gives you overnight success. It needs time to grow. A blog is visible only after years of effort put into it. And this is why many of us avoid it.

I would suggest you to read this article on why “you should also start writing online”.

Having said this, for this reason only, I loved it so much. Surprised? Let me explain.

I am a person with average intelligence. In my student life, I have many of my batchmates, who were more intelligent than me. We used to study together. The teachers gave us problems to solve. And those friends of mine are quicker than me to solve them.

It was an unequal fight. We were friends who never engaged in an unhealthy competition of beating each other. Rather I took inspiration from them and they set a target in front of me. Hard work was the only alternative for me to be at par with them.

Intelligence is something that can not be acquired, people born with it. But thankfully there is something called consistency and patience which are a good alternative to talent. And we can grow these qualities with practice.

I understood that I may not good at something instantly but with the practice for sure. The world used to see only the success and not the hard work put behind it.

We find our own voice with time

Writing takes time to bring the original idea from us. Usually we read good articles and got inspired to write our own. In the initial phase of writing, we unconsciously just reproduce those original articles.

It takes time to find our own voice. When we write for a considerable period, we gradually start to identify our own writing style and thought process. And when it happens the content carries our own unique identity.

Only those blogs get noticed among zillions of other online articles, which has authority on the domain. And authority comes with time and dedication. Like goodwill in the business. No business achieve it overnight.

There may be zillions of article online on the same topic. But we all have our very own perception and point of view to analyze any topic. So, the same topic stands out from the crowd when we put our own thought on it.

Blogging is a marathon race

The marathon race is all about endurance. One, who can run for long, wins the race. The same applies to blogging.

That’s why blogging suits me so well. I do my work during my spare time. At my own comfort while no one noticing it. I pour my heart into it, try to record every idea and thought as they come into my mind.

It is not always I publish everything that I write. Many of them I just saved in draft form. Those are only for my reference for future articles.

Only when I feel any content is worth sharing, can prove helpful to others, I publish them.

During the last two years experience of writing, I have gone through several phases of learning. Made many mistakes and then came to know what was right. These experiences may help you to avoid the same mistakes I committed.

My blog is my digital diary and it has an account of my everyday activity, my achievements and failures.

Over time, blogging has become a part of my routine. I try to manage at least 30 minutes every day.

I may not publish them instantly. They appear to be very insignificant. But when I look back to them, those small things help me to assess my progress, correct my mistakes.

For the last two years, I am building this brick by brick. As I did during my student days. It went very well with my nature. It allows you to work in silence and let your writing speak for you.

When I was just starting it, I just wrote for myself. I knew no one is going to read them accept me; never expected anything from it, only enjoyed the writing itself. This was the reason I hardly miss any opportunity of writing I get during the whole day.

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