Event blogging

What is event blogging and how to write it?

Event blogging is blogging about a particular event. In an event blog, you target any upcoming event and provide information about that. Unlike normal blogs, its focus will be very specific, less voluminous to drive very targeted traffic from the search engine. There are several festivals we celebrate each year, several events of national or international importance are going on almost every other day. You can target any of these events to write about and provide useful information people look for. The trend is, generally, traffic to such blogs witness rising traffic as the event approaches, at its pick during the event is going on and gradually subsides as the event is over. Some examples of some popular event blogs are like a blog for Diwali wishes, IPL 2019. Keeping in mind the biggest event of sports Olympic going to be held in Tokyo, Japan several event blogs are already drawing huge traffic, one such event blog is to inform people on Japan rail pass

So, like these blogs, you can also target any upcoming event and write a blog to provide your target audience useful information about the event.  If an event blog is created properly, then its earning potential is many times more than normal blogs generating passive income.

Event blogging 2019

Event blogging in 2019 is going to be very lucrative. You can choose any upcoming event like:

Religious festivals: Navratri, Diwali, Eid, Christmas eve, Holi, etc.

Holidays and other days: Independence day, Republic day, Father’s Day, Mother’s day, etc.

popular sporting event:  Olympic, IPL, World Cup, Pro Kabaddi League, etc.

Other miscellaneous occasions are there which may generate sudden interest in people like any exam results in regional level or National level, 

The duration for the event blog maybe for a few hours, days or a maximum few weeks. It has no relevance once the event is finished. But in these short times, an event blog has the potential to generate income which a normal blog earns in a year!!!

Event blogging example

The scope of event blogging in India is much higher as unlike foreign countries, in India event blogging sites are less. So, this year it will provide a great opportunity for you to select certain upcoming events and start writing your blog. Festival months are coming. India will celebrate big festivals like Navratri & Diwali. People go crazy during these festivals. For example, you can take an example of Durgapuja of West Bengal celebrated during the last four days of Navratri. Its an extravaganza of every aspect of life. 

Bengalis start their preparation for this event months before the festival and scour the internet about food, fashion, fitness, tour and travel, and everything. 

You can grab this scope and open a special event blog on Durga puja to provide all this information to provide a one-stop solution for all queries of people. Start with 10-15 articles, publish the blog as the festival time approaches go on adding more articles following the recent trades. Optimize your content using SEO techniques and if you are able to rank your blog in a search engine you can earn a fortune in this brief period of 2-3 months of festival.

Event blogging secrets

You must have got wishes from your near and dear ones during any festival, you open the message and enjoy the beautiful message with some awesome photos. Suppose today or tomorrow’s father’s day/mother’s day or valentine’s day. You would also want to send a very personal message to your close one to wish on a special day and start searching google for good content. Not only you, millions and billions of other people will also do the same thing. 

So, why not to help them by creating content to provide value to them. If you can create good content, it will make happy whoever will land on your site thus your page views will be more and you will earn good money. It’s a win-win situation. So its no secret that creating good content is of prime importance for a successful blog. But 

The negative side of event blogging

Till now we were only discussing the pros of event blogging, how it can earn you a lot of money in a very short span of time. But it has some downside too which you have to keep in mind and be prepared. Even the blog is created keeping a particular event in mind. So, generally, the rush of visitors to such blogs last for only a few days to a few weeks. So, you have to be prepared with the best hosting and bandwidth services to manage the traffics during the pick times. You have to be vigilant about any kind of crash or problem in your site during the occasion and quickly troubleshoot it. These investments and hard work is done in a smart way will ensure the success of your blog.

Event blogging in Hindi

Event blogging in Hindi is always a good choice when you are an Indian blogger and targetting Indian festivals to write an event blog. You can connect easily to your readers with the Hindi language. An online survey revealed that in India there are almost 45 crore people who can read only Hindi. As per google record in recent times more than 0.01% of total content in Google is in Hindi. And the volume of search in Hindi is increasing steadily. So, the future of Hindi even blogs is very bright.

How to start event blogging?

Starting an event blog is no different than creating a normal blog. You have to follow the steps below:

1. The first step is selecting the name of the blog: 

A unique domain name is to be created for your blog.  The name should be something that reflects the content of your blog.  In the case of event blogging, you can choose any upcoming event and the name may use the event name as a keyword.  Thus, the reader of your blog gets an idea about the blog at first sight. You should give some time to research on domain name selection. A good domain name helps a blog to rank faster in google search as google gets an idea about what you are blogging about. Besides, the name should be unique and available i.e. it was not registered before by another person, it should be easy and catchy to remember for the reader.

2. Select a host to get your blog online

Select a good host for publishing your blog so that the world can see it. You can start your blog in free in BlogSpot/Blogger or WordPress. The first one is free and you can easily start your blog in BlogSpot. The benefit of starting a blog in BlogSpot is that you don’t have to take any headache regarding hosting plan and maintaining your site Google will take care of it and most importantly… it’s completely free. 

But the plus point with WordPress is it looks more professional, the visitors of your site will get the impression that you are serious in your business. You can customize your site as you want and as it is paid, you will get support from the service provider for any problem you face.

My advice will be if you just starting your blog and with a tight budget, start with blogger. Gain some experience and confidence first. When you will see the good response for your blogs you can always start your professional blog with paid hosting.

3. Start writing useful content

The main part of your blog is the continent.  as it is said that content is the king so you must put Syria support to create good quality and useful content.  content should be like a one to one conversation with your reader. you should assume that your reader is sitting next to you and you yourself are talking to him. so the tone should be casual and easy to understand. 

 Images, infographics, embedded videos, podcasts, etc. are very good tools to keep your audience involved in your blog.

4. DO proper keyword research

Keyword research is very essential for your blog. It is one of the important (Search Engine Optimization tools) which will help you rank in search engines. SO, do proper keyword research and include long-tail less competitive keywords in your content headings and body. But in this process keep this in mind that this should not disturb the flow of your content, as you are ultimately writing for human not machine.

5. Create backlinks

This is an off-page SEO technique where you create backlinks from some good quality authority websites of your domain. Start networking through different social networking platforms. Take part in different question-answer sites. This will help you get recognition as an expert in your field and help in the promotion of your blog.

6. Monetize your blog

As your blog starts getting the traffic you should monetize it. To earn from your blog you have to monetize your blog. There are several options like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, etc. 

7. Continue to update your content and remain vigilant during the particular event

Now your blog is published with good 25-30 quality blogs for the world to read. As the event date approaches you should update and go on adding relevant content. Adding content at regular intervals is important, as your readers will follow your blog for your newly added blog. Most importantly remain active during the events as there is a chance that the traffic on your site sees a sudden rise during. So, any problem related to your blog like a crash, page error needs to be fixed quickly otherwise you will lose a significant number of valuable visitors.


Bloggers are always proactive to use the opportunity before any special event to earn some good income through event blogging. Particularly a country of festivals like India you can always provide a good source of information through event blogs. If you are a new blogger and wish to write an event blog, the best way to avoid the competition with pro blogger is to select a topic with low competition to rank quickly in search engines. Don’t step back being afraid of competition. If you stay there for a significant time, keep on adding valuable content, it may take time but you will be successful.