How to earn money writing blogs in India? fundamental strategies you must know

How to earn money writing blogs in India

Earning money by writing blogs is not anymore a new thing. This is a recognized profession in many parts of the developed world. But if you consider only the Indian perspective, it was quite a late starter in the digital marketing arena. So, in India, this question is still a very relevant one. Many new bloggers sought for the answer to be double sure before choosing to blog as their full-time job.

Is it possible to earn money writing blogs in India in 2019?

Yes, of course, perhaps it’s the best time to start a blog in India. India is in the era of the digital boom and going to see unprecedented growth in the number of internet users. as the below image depicts,  the current internet user in India is 627 million which is going to be around 850 million by 2025. so there exists a great marketing opportunity that you can best utilize if you start your blog right now in fact, now is the best time to earn money writing blogs in India.

Mostly the established full-time bloggers in India did start blogging only by passion, to write and share their knowledge with the world. Over time the came to know the earning potential of blogs and shared their life-changing experience through their blogs. How exciting it is if your passion becomes your way of earning.

Many of them are not only earning their living through blogging, but they have become financially independent, started a successful business and eventually become entrepreneurs.

Here I have reviewed many such blogs of how they are making money and come up with an exhaustive list of how can a blog become a good source of earning. It is here important to remember that all of these strategies may not always apply to all types of blogs. Although a single blog can adopt more than one of them to monetize itself.

How much does a blogger earn in India?

During the recent past years, the number of people doing fulltime blogging in India has risen astronomically. Though the number of persons who made a fortune out of blogging is still less in India compare to other developed countries. To name a few of such achievers are like Harsh Agarwal of, Amit Agarwal of, Ashish Sinha of, Arun Prabhuedsai, Jane Shebba of, Anshul Tewari of, etc. They are earning millions by blogging.

Mr. Amit Agarwal started his blogging venture back in 2004 and now his website fetches around 35 lakh INR per month!!!. This is the earning potential of blogging if you keep patience and stay consistent.

These people have built their blogging empire bit by bit and started it out of passion. With time their blogs gain popularity as people found the content very useful. As organic traffic rises, automatically the blogs start earning money. Now they are authority websites in their niche.

So, blogging is also like a business, you have to invest time in initial phases and keep patience. But in India, the most prevailing misconception about blogging is blogging can give you a lot of earning quickly, within months of starting it.

People starting blogs with such mind setup very fast gets frustrated and quit saying that it is not working for him/her. If you are also planning to start your own blog then I will request you to please set your expectation as practical as possible. Especially if your only goal is to earn money writing blogs. You will not get overnight success if you start blogging from scratch. There are a lot of things to learn.

So invest time, enrich yourself first about blogging philosophy, enjoy the journey of learning, take it as if you are launching as your business and nurture it for the first 1-2 years and rest assured your hard work will eventually bring success and money that you would have not imagined.

Strategies to earn money from blogs

1. Displaying advertisements

This earning mainly comes from Google Adsense and one of the most popular ways to earn money writing blogs in India. If you have managed to get its approval, then you can display different ads from Google Adsense abiding their guidelines of displaying ads.

You will earn as people searching for that particular keyword visit your site and click on those adds. So, here earning is directly proportional to the amount of traffic your site is getting. For any significant amount of earning Google Adsense requires a huge amount of traffic, which is not easy to come by at least at the initial stage of ane website. And these ads also take away your visitor from your website.

But Google Adsense provides a piece of mind for bloggers. You just connect your bank account after getting approval and at the month-end, the earning from it (if more than $100) will be transferred to your bank account. So its a very transparent and hassle-free way of earning from blogs.

Some particular blogs which don’t have any scope for affiliate marketing (like sites for inspirational quotes), Google Adsense is their best friend. They only need to focus on bringing more and more organic traffic by focusing on different SEO strategies and tools.

If you are using both avenues of affiliate marketing and Google Adsense for earning, it will be wise not to use both of them at a time in any post. It may lead to losing any potential customer of affiliate products by clicking on Google Adsense.

2. Earning through Job Boards

Almost every popular blog website has its own job board. These popular blogs use the huge traffic they get to earn money through posting jobs on their websites. As it is highly dependent on the traffic, so earning from creating a job board is tough for any blog at its early stage.

3. Selling your own product or service

Once you have established your authority in that particular niche through your blog; you can think of creating an e-book on the topic or a useful video course in learning sites like Courseera or Udemy to provide further in-depth knowledge to your audience. Actually creating a good course on that topic can serve as the first step in building your audience. You can establish your credibility in this field through this course. This will add more value to the ebook you created and enhance its sell.

You have to build an email list of your readers too and it is the most important. You will need this email list to pitch for your ebook.

This is a very good way of generating sustainable earning. Once you have created the ebook with hard work, it will go on earning for you for a long time in the future. Make sure that the content of your product is really helpful to your readers and worth the money you set as a price.

4. Selling affiliate products

This strategy has great potential to generate significant earning. As you are writing your blogs on a micro-niche, you are already addressing a very targeted audience. That means, your visitors are already funneled down to this keyword and highly potential customers.

For example, if your blog is on the keyword “best smartphone under Rs 15000 with a good camera and battery life” then a visitor who is reading your blog has already made up his mind to make a purchase. So, if you are using an affiliate link for this blog post and the post is viewed by a lot of people then you can earn a good amount as a commission from every purchase.

There are a number of an affiliate program where you can register, get their affiliate link and use them on your website. The most popular one is the Amazon affiliate program. You can get an idea from here about miscellaneous products from Amazon which you can sell through your website and commission percentage that you will earn after every purchase.

Try to suggest any product to your viewers which are really good. Don’t blindly suggest any product just going by their commission percentage. As if the product does not meet the expectation of the user, it will affect your trustworthiness and prove harmful for your brand in the long run.

The best way is to suggest only those products which you have personally reviewed. This has double benefits, you can write a good review of the product as you have tested the product and secondly, you are confident about the product’s quality.

5. Earning from sponsored posts

This is also a good source of earning when your website becomes an authority in that niche. As your blog starts getting a significant amount of visitors and you make your mark as an expert in that niche, you start getting requests to post some content from other bloggers of the same niche. These posts on your website help them to get backlinks from an established website of the same domain.

These backlinks ultimately help them to rank their posts in search results. So, they are ready to pay you in exchange for their posts on your website. But you have to do a quality check of these posts as they generally come from new bloggers.

This offers as a source of recurring income and you can also renew the link of these posts at regular intervals.

6. Earning from online surveys and polls

This is another way of earning where you post different online surveys and polls which are sponsored by other websites.

7. Earning from sponsorship

Several famous brands will want to sponsor your website if it becomes popular. In this case, you have to advertise for their brands for which you will be paid with the condition that you can not display any ads of their competitor brands.

8. Collect emails of your visitors and followup

You have written an excellent and most helpful content, as a result, many people are visiting your site, few of them are clicking in some of the ads and ultimately leaving. So, such temporary visits to your website are not going to help you anyway. You should find a way to connect to your visitors and remain in touch as long as you can.

Building an email list of your visitors is the most important step in this process. You should attempt this from the very first day. Thus you will have a way to contact all those people who have shown interest in your content and hence all potential buyers of your products.

You should use this email list to inform them about your new blogs or products like an ebook. You have to very specific and customer-oriented in your email content. This is called email funneling. For example, if I found any visitor of this post is a newbie then I will send him emails about “how to write blogs” and basic WordPress and SEO tips; whereas if the visitor is a ProBlogger then advanced SEO tips and latest digital marketing tips may be more useful to him.

Thus you have a higher probability of conversion as you are providing them with more relevant information and services they are looking for.

9. Earning through e-commerce

You can start e-commerce for selling physical products related to your blogging subject. As you have already created an audience base for that particular niche so who follows your blog may be interested to purchase hose items too. Thus e-commerce can add some serious income.

For example, if you write about any particular sports, then you can sell sports equipment through your website and earn commission on each sale.

10. Earning from organizing events

You can organize workshops, seminar/symposium or conference to brainstorm different ideas between like-minded people who also take an interest in your blogging niche. Here earning is made through the registration fees paid by the participants.


The strategies mentioned here to earn from blogging are the most predominant ones. But there are several other avenues too which can generate income from blogs. Like creating newsletters and earning from its subscriptions, organizing training and conferences and earn from registrations and many more; you are free to innovate new ideas. And the sky is the limit depending on your creativity.

As your blogging career grows and you start gaining experience, you should start adopting multiple income avenues mentioned above at a time. This would enhance your total income from your website as well as cause diversification in income sources and minimize the risk of keeping all eggs in a single basket.

It is important to keep patience and go on experimenting with new ideas. This is something that does not give a result overnight; any new idea implemented takes time to show the result. Persons with the attitude “never give up” are bound to get success. Keep your self motivated.